The big three perfectionism scale–short form (BTPS-SF): Development of a brief self-report measure of multidimensional perfectionism

The Big Three Perfectionism Scale (BTPS) is a 45-item self-report measure of perfectionism with three overarching factors: rigid, self-critical, and narcissistic perfectionism. Our objective was to create a brief version of the BTPS, the Big Three Perfectionism Scale–Short Form (BTPS-SF). Sixteen items were selected, and confirmatory factor analysis using a large sample of Canadian university students (N = 607) revealed the BTPS-SF had acceptable model fit. Moreover, the BTPS-SF displayed strong test–retest reliability. The relationships of the BTPSSF factors with depression, anxiety, stress, emotional intelligence, personality, resiliency, and elements of subjective well-being also suggested adequate criterion validity. Overall, results suggest the BTPS-SF represents an efficient, easily administered, and novel means of assessing multidimensional perfectionism.