Dr. Allison McNeil

Registered Psychologist

Allison McNeil, Ph.D., Registered Psychologist

Dr. Allison McNeil completed her Ph.D. at the University of Alberta with a dual specialization in School Psychology and Clinical Psychology. Academically, Allison has researched learning disabilities, fetal alcohol Spectrum disorder (FASD), and neurocognitive development. She is a co-author on multiple published papers and has presented at international and national conferences. In addition to working in private practice she teaches and supervises graduate students in the School and Clinical Child Psychology program at the University of Alberta.

Dr. McNeil brings expertise in assessment and treatment of neurodevelopmental disorders (e.g., ADHD, learning disabilities, intellectual disabilities). She completed her doctoral residency at the University of British Columbia and at the ABLE Developmental Clinic in Vancouver, where she focused on neurodevelopmental disorders and neuropsychological assessment. Her professional experience includes a unique combination of working in the education, health, and correctional systems.

At CRUX, Dr. McNeil works with clients of all ages and offers a range of assessments. She can evaluate learning concerns (psychoeducational assessments), ADHD, mental health challenges, social and emotional difficulties, giftedness, and complex presentations (that include a bit of everything). She practices from a strength-based approach and individualizes each evaluation to meet the unique needs of her clients. Dr. McNeil takes great pride in working closely with her clients and supporting them throughout the process. All of her evaluations include evidence-based, targeted, and individualized recommendations. In her free time, Dr. McNeil loves spending time with her blended family and standard poodle, Dovie.

Dr. Allison McNeil is a licensed psychologist in Alberta and Nova Scotia (courtesy register). Psychologists who are fully registered in other Canadian jurisdictions (such as Alberta) can provide online services to residents of other provinces. Dr. McNeil works with clients from Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Alberta. For a copy of Dr. McNeil’s CV, click here.